Who are we?

Heartbeat's Directors, Alan and Sarah, are passionate about what they do and both still practice clinically. They strive to ensure that you receive the training that you need.

Alan has been a nurse in the NHS for over 20 years, working in acute hospitals and community settings.  He currently divides his time between working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in two busy A&E departments and teaching for Heartbeat Training. This includes providing courses on Dental Medical Emergencies and Life Support. In addition to these roles, Alan is also a qualified instructor for ALS, ILS, PILS, GIC (Resuscitation Council UK), PLS and APLS courses.

Sarah qualified from the University of Liverpool with a BNHons in 2002. She has been fortuanate to work in both the NHS acute and community sector. She currently practices clinically for a charitable organisation, providing holidays for people with a wide range of disabilities . Sarah  provides training in a variety of clinical areas, from resuscitation to people handling.

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